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Industry News and Updates

Economic Impact of Trump's Victory

by HBA of North Georgia on 11/20/16

President-elect Donald Trump will undoubtedly have a profound and lasting impact on economic policy throughout his presidency. Costly business regulations are likely to be reduced or rolled back; rate-reducing, base-broadening, comprehensive tax reform will be under active consideration; and the leadership of the Federal Reserve will change in 2018.
The nation's low unemployment is placing pressure on the Federal Reserve to raise short-term interest rates, and those rates will influence many future policy decisions. The incoming Administration, in cooperation with a Republican-controlled Congress, will likely pursue policy that will boost GDP growth in the short run. However, if policy changes result in a growing deficit or overheating labor markets, interest rates will rise (faster) in response. Moreover, any policy changes that restrict trade will act as a drag on economic growth.
Interest rates are sure to grow in the years ahead. Smart policy is needed to identify economic efficiencies that will help limit how quickly those rate increases accelerate, thereby supporting housing affordability and improving business lending conditions in the longer term.

November is Spike Month

by HBA of North Georgia on 11/12/16

Comparing Fiber Cement Siding to Vinyl Siding: Pros and Cons

by HBA of North Georgia on 11/12/16

 The last few decades have seen many homeowners trying to avoid the expense and hassle of wood siding by replacing it with vinyl siding. Does vinyl siding last as long as wood siding? How does it compare to fiber cement siding? Is vinyl siding truly maintenance free?

                 In this article, we are going to compare vinyl siding to fiber cement siding so you can make an informed choice. Special thanks to Allura for the infographic below showing some quick facts about fiber cement siding.


                This is always an important factor for homeowners. You can find cheap vinyl siding if cost is your top concern. But, a good quality vinyl siding runs about $10 per board. Fiber cement is in the neighborhood of $8 per board. 

Durability and Maintenance

                If you have ever had wood siding, you already know how labor intensive the maintenance can be. This has led many people to look at vinyl siding. While vinyl doesn’t need to be painted every few years, it does have a tendency for the color to fade within a decade. Vinyl is also easy to crack or even break more easily than you would imagine. While it’s true that the boards snap in and out fairly easily, the color will most likely not match, unless your siding is only a year or two old.

                On the other hand, fiber cement siding does not peel, fade, and is much more sturdy than vinyl. It won’t get damaged in a hail storm and it is very difficult to break. It doesn’t warp or fall off due to freezing temperatures, either, which is something vinyl cannot claim.

Curb Appeal

                Some people are sold on vinyl when they discover that they don’t have to paint it. Unfortunately, if you should grow tired of the color, you have no choice but to replace it as vinyl cannot be painted. Vinyl siding is also well-known for fading so unless you choose a light color to begin with, your home will not look the same 10 years down the line.

                Fiber cement siding, however, can be painted as often as you like. If the idea of painting doesn’t appeal to you, that’s fine too. Most people find that their fiber cement siding looks exactly the same 20 years after installation. Also, fiber cement siding has several types of choices when it comes to texture. Vinyl siding can look like wood grain, but you can tell the difference from the curb. Fiber cement siding, however, is often mistaken for cedar and most people don’t know the difference unless they touch it.

New edition of the Chalkline is now available online

by HBA of North Georgia on 11/09/16

The newest edition of The Chalkline, the newletter of the HBA of North Georgia, is now available. You can find it on under the newsletter tab. There you can either view it online, or download a PDF version and view or print it. If you are interested in advertising in the Chalkline contact Mike at the HBA office.

It's Time for the Country to Unite

by HBA of North Georgia on 11/09/16

The election is finally over and half the country is elated and the other half is crying in their beer. Congratulations are in order for President Elect Donald Trump. Donald Trump and Secretary Clinton both endured what is probably the nastiest campaign in US History. Whether you are a Trump or Clinton supporter, it is time to put the partisan politics behind us and unite and work together as a country. Personally, I am glad it's over. We have spent the last two years hearing about this election and I am sick of it.

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